How we handmade


Felt balls gave a birth to TUMAR union and today, probably, this is the most popular and favorite product of people which surprises with its unmeasured positive energy. A ball is one of the most ancient and favorite toys. Usually they were made just for laughs of kids. TUMAR makes them in two versions: just balls diameter of which is 6 cm:

They can be used for massaging and playing, and ball animal toys in the shape of various animals:

Usually people ask questions about their making: what is inside, how are they made and etc. Well, the answer is following:

Everything begins with the base. And here wastes of production of hats can be used – all cut off material. Craftsmen make a base ball from them with method of wet felting:

Making one such material takes about 30 minutes. Then they “put a color coat on the base” – and then they felt this ball again 25-30 minutes. Hereto making the ball base is finished. And for ball animals there are additional details are made such as ears, tails, legs and etc. They are felted additionally to the ready color ball, necessary picture is painted with wool with the help of needle:


And this is very long process which takes about one and a half hour. And then final process is made in hot water with soap about 30-35 minutes. The last stage is drying. Balls and toys are ready:

You can give them to children to play without fear, as distinct from toys made by method of needling they are not defibrized.

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