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About Felt Shop International.

Felt Shop International has been created in 2001 and all began from the three women who were connected with the quivering relation to national culture; from the wool of one sheep they have made felt balls – a traditional national toy. Since then range of products increased for some hundreds of items, and number of group has grown to 176 people who work in 11 divisions specializing on manufacture and realization of craft production: 9 industrial sites and 2 sites of sale of production, are concentrated in Bishkek city and the Chuy valley. More than 90 % from a collective aggregate number make women; basically it is young girls from countryside who start their activity in Felt Shop International from training in bases of craft.

Why “Felt Shop International”? 

Activity of Felt Shop International is directed on preservation and development of material culture of the Kyrgyz people by creation and advancement of the modern, functional, beautiful and qualitative craft products based on non-polluting, traditional and modern production technologies and based on the following principles:

• Research and revival of traditional crafts of the Kyrgyz people.

• Developing craft manufacture by development of modern technologies.

• Using ecologically safe technologies.

• Manufacture of functional, qualitative and beautiful production.

• Increasing professional skills of handicraftsmen.

• The fair payment encouraging qualitative work and level of skill.

• Development and realization of creative potential of participants of activity of group.

• The organization of effective own network of advancement and production realization.

A combination of various technologies and styles, use of natural materials including felt, form a basis for an author's embodiment of creative ideas of artists and the masters working in Felt Shop International. Basically the enterprise uses for the further art transformation a traditional felt (more than 80 % of all volume of output). Besides are issued textile and ceramics.

Whole assortment of products can be divided into the following groups:

• Felt hats

Hats are made in various techniques: solid-rolled, stitched with hand and machine embroidery.

• Felt footwear

Slippers for men, women and children, solid-rolled ala-kiyiz, stitched with embroidery elements, high felt boots.

• Felt accessories

Felt scarves on the silk and cotton basis, made in the technique of a wet felting. Solid-rolled bags, without any stitch and attached details, stitched with embroidery and elements of hand weaving, modern clutches, backpacks, children's portfolios, cases for various items, mitts and gloves. Accessories in the big assortment: brooches, bandlets for hair, bracelets, earrings, beads, a necklace, elastic bands for hair, belts and etc.

• Interior items

Carpets in the technique of shirdak and ala-kiyiz, art wall panels of different style, lamps, curtains, pillows and etc.

• Clothes

Beautiful functional things with modern design and accurately guessed constant of the Kyrgyz ethnos: festal dress for children, coats and dresses for women, shirts and outdoor clothes for men.

• Ceramics

Ware, vases, souvenirs.

Clients of the company are people who appreciate a special unique craft product. In the local market it is the people loving the national culture, the traditional craft product for them is one more way of ethnic self-identification. However, company products aren't always accessible to a certain layer of the population because of rather high price which develops of cost of expensive high qualitative wool, hand qualitative work, work of designers, equipment of workplaces etc. The Company also collaborates with partner craftsmen groups and independent artisans in special projects on production of jewelry, metal, weaved products of wood and leather.

Money back guarantee, on goods - If not satisfied, you can return the product in 
unworn, unused condition, with original packaging, within 30 days.


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