About Products

About Products

Remember the time when handmade accessories were the only gifts to give and how wonderful it felt to receive them?

We were young and it was fun. We made handmade items for the ones we loved. Or, maybe our little ones made them for us. On special occasions, birthdays, holidays and visits with relatives someone made something to give. Sometimes under a teacher's directions - other times, in the quiet of our safe little spaces in our homes, we made gifts for parents or grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends and cousins. Maybe your little one spent time in quiet while you wondered what could be keeping them so entertained. Then, he or she emerged with a handmade gift especially for you. 

Making something for someone was special and receiving something handmade just as special as the giving. How cherished that handmade item becomes. It was made with little hands and a great big heart. How special it was to receive something handmade especially with you in mind.

Here at our online store, we've captured that handmade feeling, but this time with skilled hands and big hearts and it's just a click away. 

Welcome to your online store for unique handmade felt accessories. You've come to the right place online for an incredible shopping experience that offers you an array of handmade wool items. We promise our customers, you, that here you will find the most original and stylish handmade felt items available on the worldwide web.

On these pages of our online store you will find an assortment of stylish, unique and exclusive felt accessories. You are guaranteed top quality felted items on any purchase made with us. We are certain you will not be disappointed. 

All items offered by us at our online store are made from 100% wool and handmade with fine care and attention to detail. Whether shopping for bags, slippers, scarves or hats you are guaranteed to make a quality purchase that will keep you coming back. Best of all, all of our handmade items contain the one single trait of fine handwork - slight variations among items of the same design. That is the exclusive characteristic of our handmade felted items.

Our felting patterns used to create the original items we offer are unique in design. Our items are a testament to the quality and originality that our patterns produce. We value our customers and only the best in designing and creation will do. Be exclusive. Use our soft and comfortable accessories in exceptional designs and styles and feel good.

Because we value you as a customer, we promise to never charge you for anything other than the items you purchase. We always offer free shipping to any location in the world. It is our commitment to you to never share the cost for shipping and handling. You get exactly what you pay for, fine handmade items that are of the highest quality. 

Felted Bags 

Felted bags are the perfect choice for anyone who knows that fine handwork and quality cannot be sacrificed if style combined with comfort is the goal. When an event calls for a special bag, or if you are looking for a bag for everyday use, you will find one here to match your needs and style. Browse through our collection to find the perfect felted bag here for you. Look through the many choices in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and sizes. Our bags are handmade with 100% wool. Take a closer look at our collection by clicking on the pictures of the bags to see the fine details in the designs. All of our bags are fashionable, comfortable and purposeful. There is something for everyone. We’ve included large sized bags, small sized bags, and bags to carry heavy items such as groceries and books. Each bag has the trademark of handmade – slight variations in designs. No two bags are exactly alike. As always, free shipping of your bag is guaranteed. 

Felted Scarves 

Add a scarf to any outfit to complete your exclusive look. Make it a handmade wool scarf and do it in style. Looking for a scarf for a special outfit? Trying to find a scarf for everyday wear? You will find it here. Our scarves are made with the 100% wool on a silk base. Browse through our collection to find the right one for you. Each scarf is handmade with fine attention to details. Choose from the many different designs and colors. We have scarves for every season, every event and every personality. Each has its own exclusive character of slight variations, a trademark of handmade items. As always, free shipping of your scarf is guaranteed. 

Felted Hats 

Top off your look with a stylish hat from our collection. All of our hats are made with the 100% wool. Tour through the pages of these handmade wool hats and choose the ones that fit your style. Fashionable, friendly and fun, these hats are sure to keep you warm on chilly days. There is a style and design for every personality. Take a look through our collection to choose the one that's right for you. All of our felt hats have that exclusive characteristic of slight variations, the quality sign of handmade. As always, free shipping of your felted hat is guaranteed. 

Felted Gloves 

Let us give you a hand in finishing off your look with stylish, warm and comfortable gloves. Our gloves are made with 100% wool. There are many different styles to choose from in our collection. We've made sure there is something to meet everyone's style needs while meeting the basic need of warmth. Wool is sure to provide you with that warmth on chilly days and nights. Our handmade gloves are offered in a variety of designs and colors. Warm your hands with the luxurious feel of wool. As with all of our items, each pair of gloves has the exclusive character of slight variations in design, a signature characteristic of handmade items. As always, free shipping of your gloves is guaranteed. 

Felted Slippers 

Even at home style doesn't have to be sacrificed for comfort. Our slippers are original, fun and functional. As always, they are made of 100% wool. Our pairs of slippers come in a variety of styles and colors. You will find the perfect fit for any feet with our slippers. Enjoy the soft feel of wool against your skin around the home. The 100% wool material is sure to warm you. All of our slipper designs are exclusive to our online store. Each pair has a reinforced latex layer of protection on the sole for longer wear. Since all of our items are handmade, there is no pair identical to another. The fine and detailed handwork has the handmade character of slight variations among similar styles. As always, free shipping of your slippers is guaranteed. 

Complete your look for any event or just for fun with the exclusive choices available at our online store. Free shipping worldwide makes the purchase even more enjoyable. You pay for the item and that's where the cost begins and ends. Be a regular part of our store and shop with us often. 

Avoid the traffic. Avoid the crowds. Avoid the limited store hours that fail to fit your schedule. We are available 24 hours of the day from anywhere in the world. No traffic. No crowds. No early closings. 

Most importantly, avoid the mass produced accessories that do not come close to the originality and fine handwork of our felted wool items. Be original in affordable and convenient ways by shopping with us anytime and from anywhere. 

If our customers are not satisfied, we are not satisfied. We have 100% confidence in the quality of our items. To show you that confidence, we will refund your purchase 100% on items that are in original packaging and unused if they fail to meet your expectations of quality and design.

Be exclusive. Be original. Visit often to see the new additions to our collections. Shop for a friend and give the gift of handmade, which is sure to become a special item for the one receiving. 

We put the heart of handmade back into the manufacturing of products. Handwork and fine quality are promises we make to you. But this time, skilled hands are making these fine quality wool items, exclusively for you.


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